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Fly On The Wall Easel


The paint anywhere, paint anything, and do it incognito, like a ‘fly on the wall,’ easel. Sure to be your new favorite toy!!

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The high adventure, paint anywhere, with or without a tripod, go fast, go light,

Fly on the Wall easel.

What’s so great about this thing?
1. Footprint/Usage Versatiliy  2.Weight/Size  3. Easy/Convenience  4. Durability 

1. Footprint and Usage Versatility:
Sometimes even a lightweight easel needs to have a smaller footprint

for those extreme hikes, bike rides, backpacking trips, river trips, or traveling overseas…

…or no footprint at all!
Pictured above is the ‘coupled’ Easel configuration where
NO TRIPOD is necessary, and it can lie on a table, or your lap.
It seems the Helinox style lightweight camp chairs were made for this!
But also, interiors become a possibility with it.
The painting below is the T-rex display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.
I oil painted this sitting on a stool, with a ‘coupled’ Fly,
out of the way of foot traffic, “NO TRIPODS,” I was told.
Museums, taverns, cafes, kitchens, zoos, or even the local figure painting get-togethers.

Even strap it to your steering wheel during inclement weather.
The Fly opens all kinds of possibilities in full immersion, on-location painting.

Comfortably sit or stand with the Fly on the Wall easel.
I prefer to stand as much as possible for posture, and a fencing style stance.
But after hiking for miles, often, scrambling up and over obstacles,

or sheer walls, sometimes ya just need to sit.

2. Weight and Size:
If comparing weight to the Daytripper Easel (3.5lbs, both parts),
the Fly on the Wall easel is only slightly lighter (2.3 lbs, all 3 parts),
but compared to ALL others, it’s a feather.

It’s overlapping doors give you sizable working space, while saving size in stowage.
Either of the wings can be plexi-glassed also for added mixing area (See OPTIONS when ordering).

Here the left wing is folded in on a permanent hinge, over the main palette.
Space is left on the palette to leave wet paint dollops on the mixing area, for the next painting.
The right wing then folds in on top of the left, also on a permanent hinge
(an improvement over previous models, where the wings were not attached).

When Stowed away, the size will fit in very small and light packs of all styles.
Palette weighs just 1.3 lbs.
I use a Mountain Smith ‘Day’ lumbar pack with the shoulder straps.

The 3 Fly on the Wall parts:
There are two other parts to the Fly on the Wall, that make
this easel unique and perfect for any painting situation.
Using the ‘coupler,’ the Upright Panel Holder can be firmly attached to the palette.
This is called the ‘coupled’ configuration, naturally.

Below the diagram illustrates use of the Fly on the Wall easel with a tripod and without.

The Upright Panel Holder (UPH):
The UPH for the Fly on the Wall is very similar to the Daytripper UPH.
An improvement to this smaller 12″ Fly on the Wall style UPH
is the ability to connect the Quick Release Plate of the
Tripod Head Unit, anywhere along the UPH. Start with the provided T-nut…

The Upright is 14×2″ and will secure panels up to 12″ vertical.

Turn the UPH side-ways to hold even more vertical panels.

The Crossbars are identical to the Daytripper Crossbars, but they’re only 6″ in length:

So supports of any kind can be securely fastened to the Upright Panel Holder.
Couple the UPH and the Palette together for use with tripod too for even more configuration options.
All 3 Fly on the Wall parts weigh only 2.3 lbs.
Add a super light mini tripod (Slik Sprint Pro II), and you could be under 5 lbs.

The set-up above is only 4.8 lbs.
That’s not a lot. Now go weigh yours. Yep.

3. Ease and Convenience:

(Got the 3rd done of the morning with family waiting/playing on the beach below)
Think of the times you’re hiking or adventuring with friends that DON’T paint (bless their hearts).
They probably don’t want to wait around for you to finish a painting for hours.
But with the FLY on the WALL, you’re working big ideas up on a small scale,
so the average time on the easel is 45 minutes or less!

With this in mind….
It is the IDEAL easel situation for traveling. You can cover some ground, and NOT
get hung up on finishing a larger canvas. You can explore a multitude of ideas in paint

by moving-on quickly, filling your camera card, to have more reference for your larger studio mock-ups.

If you’re like me, it’ll become a great studio companion as well,
for quickly exploring color ideas, compositions, and just screwing around with paint
(and kids LOVE ’em).

4. Durability:
Like the Daytripper construction, the Fly on the Wall palette is constructed with double half-lap joints,

resulting in super strength without adding to weight. It is decidedly not over-engineered or
under-engineered, but intuitively designed to have the stuff you need, where you need it.

Each part is glued and pinned, or glued and riveted, because painting on-location can be rigorous.
As illustrated below, the hinges are placed along the rails so that the mechanical stress of the wings being open,
pulls on the sheer strength of the screws.

This is a much stronger and more durable connection.
Letting you think about painting, and not problems with the equipment!!

Paint your adventure!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8.5 × 3 in