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Light Direction Sphere Pen


Informing the ‘Shape’ element of Visual Language, and the foundation of the book, Learn to SEE Learn to Paint, the light direction sphere, when studying outdoors, aids in understanding how sunlight interacts with form, in your unique Line of Sight.



It’s a line-of-site thing.

All subjects start with being lit, to be seen. If your subject is being lit
by the sunlight, as in painting on-location outdoors, and you are also in the same
sunlight, simply, gaze around your scene past the sphere.

It’s the Light Direction Sphere Pen!

The precise direction of the light-source in your outdoor scene, can be determined
by the light and shadow information apparent on the sphere. This is a similar experience to
assessing a moon phase, and subsequently, determining where the sun
is in relation to how you perceived the phase’s light and shadow shapes.

It’s science, the Science of SEEING!

From this information, the other parts of the light and form arrangement become more apparent.

Use my book (couple pages above), Learn to SEE Learn to PAINT,
in conjunction with the Light Direction Sphere Pen,

for a complete break-down of the Visual Language Elements.
Information that is critical in accelerating your development in translating what you SEE
in the 3 dimensional world around you, to a 2 dimensional surface of choice.

A sphere is a mathematically perfect form, and indicator of planar
orientation of the form-to-lightsource arrangement.

Micro to Macro, the light and shadow patterns
repeat themselves in the line-of-site.

The Light Direction Sphere Pen will show you this phenomenon
better than any teaching tool, I’ve ever come across.

The Light Direction Sphere Pen also helps see and understand linear perspective,
and how your viewpoint effects the very shapes you see.

The KEY to the KINGDOM…  
…is a SPHERE!

IMPORTANT: Please don’t allow small children to play with the Light Direction Sphere Pen.
The Sphere can come dislodged from it’s seat and become a choking hazard.

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