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All content on the site is copyrighted by owner, Joshua Been. However, any of this content can be downloaded, used, and shared at the user discretion except those which are being charged for. This media contains limits such as pay-per-watch, etc, and can NOT be used without specified permission from owner, Joshua Been.

Online Conduct: 

All comments, pictures, or other forms of interactions on this website or adjoining sites such as the Prolific Painter Facebook page, etc, will be of good-hearted nature, or will be deleted immediately. If a person continues such commenting, or trolling, they will be blocked and/or accounts terminated.

Conditions of Sale:

All sales are conducted worry free, through a secure Pay-Pal server. A buyer may use any credit or debit card they choose for this purchase.
*A person uncomfortable with e-commerce, can place an order through email: contact@prolificpainter.com After which, an invoice will be sent via email that can be paid for via cash, check, or charge. Once the invoice is paid, products will ship.

We at Prolific Painter keep your privacy a priority

All account information, like emails, etc. will never be shared with a 3rd party for any reason.

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time

Disclaimers/Limitations of Liability 
The products we provide are intended for use while painting pictures. Prolific Painter is not liable for any injury or death incurred through the act of painting due to inclement weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, or any other conditions resulting in injury or death.
It is NOT the responsibility of Prolific Painter LLC to promote, or obstruct safe or legal painting conditions such as painting on private property,or dangerous locales, resulting in injury, death, or legal matters of any kind. Any use of any product outside of its intended usage, falls outside of the liability of Prolific Painter LLC.