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Forever Turp Jar


Simple, Elegant, Lightweight…forever.
This is the last turp jar you’ll ever have to buy.

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Why, oh WHY are we still using heavy, clumsy metal turp jars with bad rubber seals?
This is the last turp jar you’ll ever have to buy. The one I’m currently using is 4 years old,
2000+ painting sessions, and it’s as good as the day I made it!
Still seals, though I don’t trust Turpentine or mineral spirits in any enclosed container,
it seems to find a way through anything, so I always clip it to the outside of a pack,
so I can adjust it upright when loading it in the car.
It will not break!
There are no clamps or swivel arms to malfunction, or break.
In fact, there are no moving parts at all.
No rubber gaskets.
The extreme agitator is for extreme brush cleaning,
and works extremely well!
Simple, Elegant, Lightweight…forever.
Weighs 4 oz.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in
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