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Perfect Brush Holder


A lightweight, concise brush holder to protect your little soldiers.
It may be time to pare that quiver down to the essentials.
Brush Holder includes a large, thin EPDM rubber band to bind it down to the easel.
NOTE: Brushes, palette knife, and Mirror/Mahl Stick NOT included.

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It’s too small for too many brushes….perfect!

How many brushes do you really use out there?
I have seven, mostly all flats (two 2s, two 4s, two 6s, and a #1 Rigger, a
palette knife, and the Mirror/Mahl stick, I usually stick my current
wiping-hand-glove in there, too.

Stick a dirty paper towel, or your glove under the provided rubber band
when you need to change the music or take a picture in situations like these.

That way you don’t send your little poison leaves into oblivion.
No trashing the place, OK?

This particular brush holder/protector is 8″ wide when open, and fits perfectly
with both the Daytripper Easel and the Fly on the Wall Easel wings.

A large skinny EPDM rubber band is included, and slings around the wing
and brush holder so nothing is blowing around or causing problems.

Ya see, I am a ‘NO nonsense’ painter, when it comes to solid equipment.
I paint ALL the time out on-location.
If something is annoying, I’m looking for solutions.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 1 in