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Upright Panel Holders


The Daytripper Upright Panel Holders are a sturdy and secure solution for holding a painting down in the conditions common to painting outdoors. They work with any camera tripod (tripod NOT included).

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Lots of different options with the Daytripper Upright Panel Holders.
The most popular, by far, is the 24″ Off Center Mount.

This allows you to go 24″ vertical, and the Upright itself isn’t so long that it becomes invasive.
Ask yourself, “What size is my go-to, and what size would I like to strive to?”
Many folks, will get two of them and get an extra quick release plate for their tripods,
so that interchange of Upright size can be nearly instantaneous.

Next, there are the Crossbar options to consider.
Below is a cross-section diagram to illustrate just how they work.

If you’re painting on thicker supports, or stretched canvases, the crossbars put a
vice-grip on ANY support by following the diagram below:

Next ask youself, “How wide are the supports you wish to paint?”

The tripod connecting to the Upright directly behind the painting,
provides extra rigidity over the ‘End Mount’ option.

But the End Mount is just fine for panels up to 18″ vertical,
I love mine, and use it more than any other.

Pictured here is a 36″ Off Center Mount UPH with a 24×36 support.

And here, a 24″ Off Center Mount UPH with a 12×24 support.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 2 × .5 in