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Wet Panel Carrier


The lightest, smallest, best way to get your valuable work, from a location, safely to a frame.

Choose any size between 6″ x 36″  –  24″ x 36″

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A Small Wet Panel Carrier is used if the smaller side is less than 13,
and the larger side is less than 25, a 12×24 is OK.
After that, there’re the Large Wet Panel Carriers that are a little
thicker to avoid panels warping and touching in the middle!

Lots of solutions out there, but these Wet Panel Carriers are the BEST!!
AND the lightest on the market.

And here’s why…

1. The Tapered Rabbet: The shelf where the support fits in the holder is tapered inward
so these don’t harm the edge of the painting like others will.

Also, when stowed, they seal the paintings in, protecting them from outside windblown debris.
A cocoon of happy little paintings, right Bob?
This method also supports the painting on all four sides minimizing warp.

2. Velcro straps: I have grown to prefer velcro around the unit, as it lasts longer,
and I can repurpose the velcro for other needs while painting.
Turns out, velcro strapping is pretty handy for tying things down in the wind or what-not.

Several different sized WPCs can be chained together with the provided velcro to make uber-carriers!
And more than one size can go in a carrier.
For instance, in a 12×12 carrier, I could have a 12×12 on one side, and 2  6x12s on the other.

3. Routered Corner Radii:
 2 Different radii are milled along the outer edge to keep the straps in
place when your placing or removing the carriers from your backpack.

4. Biscuit Joined/Pinned Corners: Each mitered corner is joined with a biscuit.
A biscuit is a small cross-grain, usually plywood, insert which strengthens a miter joined corner.
After gluing the corner with a biscuit, a micro-pin nailer finishes the job stabbing a tiny nail
through the whole thing. These things have to be able to take a beating out there.

5. So lightweight: At an average of 5 oz. each, they are the lightest weight
solution for backpacking or getting off the beaten path.

6. Customizable: Many standard sizes in stock, and any custom size up to 24×36.
Protect what you work hard to create…