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Panel Palette



Panel Palette

Your Painting Arsenal Just Became Even More Versatile!


Works with any of our easels to provide additional mixing area.

Works with your current Prolific Painter Upright with just the addition of one Crossbar

Creates a side by side view of panel and palette so you can see your paint in the same light as your painting without the need of a umbrella.


Can be used by itself for a minimal weight setup.

With a wide variety of standard and custom sizes you can create your own more personalized setup based on your painting style.

Quickly Setup by sandwiching your Panel Palette on either side of the center Crossbar then attaching your panel allowing for either side placement.

Will my combination work?

The size of your Panel Palette and Panel MUST not exceed the maximum size of your current or added upright.

You can figure this out by adding the two horizontal dimensions together, as long as they are equal to or less then the upright the combination will work!

So for example you have a 24″ Upright and you choose a 12×12 Panel Palette your panel/canvas cannot exceed 12″ in width.

How it works!

You attach your Upright to your tripods quick release plate (not provided, comes with all tripods) making sure its secured horizontally.

The Panel Palette can be be secured on the left or right side.

To set it up you start by securing the first crossbar by tightening the knob in position.

Then attach your panel/canvas on the ridge or screws of your first crossbar and sandwiching it with the the crossbar in the center position.

After that use the last crossbar to secure the final piece.

Boom Your Ready To Go!

This does not include the tripod or panels, but here is a link to the tripod Josh recommends.

Most tripods will work with our setup, we do recommend that the head unit be metallic (not plastic) to ensure enough rigidity.