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If you have this handy (like attached to the shoulder strap of your pack), you’ll use it all the time.
Make it happen, make it a permanent fixture to your on-location painting pack!

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Of course, bottle opener. Can-opener, ya never know. 
The scissors are good to have in the field for trimming those wayward brush hairs back if they refuse to cooperate.

A leather punch…
…you never know when you have to repair a
backpack strap or need to stab through some tough stuff.

Pliers are obviously, CLUTCH, literally!

Pocket knife, mostly for playing Mumblety-peg when you’re done painting and waiting on others!
A phillips and flat head screwdriver both. You never know, all the parts
in the easels have phillips head screws, so it’s smart to have this.

The pouch is nothing special, but does exactly what it needs to do. That’s hold the tool,
and is able to attach to a shoulder strap of your pack, DO IT. You’ll never leave home without it,
and this thing comes in handy in almost every painting situation.

Well worth it’s small weight, and price!

And it’s on the outside of your pack for good and always.
Trust me, if it’s handy, you’ll find it extremely useful.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in