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Daytripper Easel


The go-to ‘workhorse’ easel for almost any painting situation. Light, compact, easy, durable, and can securely hold supports up to 36″ vertical with the right Upright Panel Holder. Tripod not included.

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So, why is the Daytripper Easel the best?

1. Unique, Modular Design
2. Weight/Size
3. Versatility
4. Strength/Durability

1. A modular tripod easel un-like the others!

It works with ANY camera tripod, and, can be set up pretty much anywhere. Also, the weight burden of the palette and the painting holder is shared across the tripod’s capacity, so the tripod can be lighter and still rigid, and wind resistant.

That being said, there are more suited tripods for this usage. Basically, you’ll want a modern tripod with independent legs, and a metallic head unit (not plastic). There are many great ones on the market, the one we offer is not nearly the top-end, but it is a very good, very light, and VERY economical one (see store for details).

In working with a modern tripod, the Daytripper Easel can, in seconds, be configured to sit or stand while painting. In the preferred standing position, one adopts a proper fencing stance which allows for better posture, more shoulder and elbow movement, and the ability to go larger!

The hooks that swivel out from the top-rail of the palette to grab on the tripod legs, can be placed in any of the 6 holes, in seconds, for off-weighting to one side, or adjusting for stature.

The whole set-up can be weighed down by the pack that brought everything. Throw some rocks in it, and BOOM, stability!

Everything you need out there for painting is handy, and right where you need it.

Here’s how the included paper towel, and turp jar lanyard is ran for Right Handers. Just opposite for south paws.

When the turp jar hangs, you spill less.

The palette, using most standard, modern tripods will have a slight angle on it when hung from the ‘front legs’. This angle is intentional to deter glare from the sun when painting outdoors.

Using the rear leg’s ‘hip adjustor’ (C.)  to level, un-level, or angle the palette in any way so that glare is minimized, is best, and easiest.

Pictured below, Bill Cramer uses a chain through the holes in the end of the hooks, to increase the angle that his palette drops.

With holes in the end of the hooks, 2 mini carabiners and a bit of paracord behind the tripod legs, and the palette can even lie vertical against the tripod legs.
Who doesn’t want to be like Bill Cramer?
This configuration can be used while sitting or standing.

2. Size and Weight:

If weight or size is an issue, it’s the lightest size to weight by far.
*Palette 1.8 lbs ,  *24″ UPH .7 lbs,  *Tripod 2.8 lbs.

It’s the perfect size for almost every painting situation. The palette is large enough to have some decent mixing space, yet stows away small and light enough to pack into a place pretty far on foot.

3. Versatility and Rigidity in the Upright Panel Holder

The last thing you want is flop, wobble, or play of any kind where the action takes place, on the canvas. After the palette hooks fold open and lock onto the legs of a tripod, the tripod head unit (part designed to hold a camera), turns sideways, and connects firmly, to the Upright Panel Holder. In this fashion, the head unit is ONLY holding the painting stable, and not the palette also, as is the case in most pochade boxes.

Obviously, this means the Daytripper Easel can handle larger supports on a smaller tripod. There you go!

Below is the array of Daytripper Upright Panel Holders (called UPHs, or Uprights). They are named by their length and style, and will accommodate panels or stretched canvases up to their name/size, and no size is too small for any.

There are two different styles of Upright Panel Holders. There is the ‘Off Center,’ and ‘Variable Mount’ UPH, with advantages and disadvantages to each. (The off Center has one fixed mount roughly 1/3 up the upright and the Variable comes with an external tee nut that can be positioned on the upright  anywhere)

Now for cross-bars, the bits that actually hold the support. There are three lengths each with the most useful placement of the ‘Screw Stays’ for most painting needs. When securing a stretched canvas, the crossbars can become vice-like. Unscrew the crossbar so that the ‘reverse taper stay’ is almost flat on the canvas side, then screw it down to the Upright. This cinches a stretched canvas down beyond belief.

4. Strength and Durability, Materials and Construction

Maximizing Strength to Weight ratio is always of the utmost concern. Even the direction of the grain is considered when laying out the high grade baltic burch plywood, taking advantage of every material’s properties.

The poplar hinge rails are double half-lapped under the top and bottom rails, creating enormous vertical strength without getting any heavier. On the wings, the aluminum 90° angle accents are glued down with super glue, and then riveted down forever. The hinge rail is glued down with wood glue and pinned.

An aluminum hinge is then placed on top of the hinge rails, spanning the two parts. This utilizes ‘sheer’ strength in the mechanical stress, rather than ‘pull strength,
which is a substantially stronger connection.

Now your ready to sling paint!
Paint your Curiosity!!

Additional information

Weight 5.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 in