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Daytripper Easel User Shots

The Greatest Easel on the planet EARTH. Back engineered alien tech. How else could it be so light, so easy, and so STURDY?
For an extensive description, videos, product diagrams, and pictures…CLICK HERE

‘May your experiences be windless, bugless, and full of enlightenment!’
-Joshua Been, owner Prolific Painter LLC
WEBSITE: www.joshuabeen.com

Bill Cramer
Simply, one of the best…and one of a kind!
WEBSITE www.billcramerstudio.com/

A wise sage, the medicine woman. Amazing painter.
WEBSITE: https://susiehyerstudio.com/

Dave Santillanes
Widely known for his stunning long airy vistas, but also akin to intimacy in the poetry of the land.
WEBSITE: https://dasanti.com