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Getting Started

Painting on-location was the thing that segued my art career, and changed my life forever. Somehow, growing up in Colorado, I never once saw an artist out painting on-location, and I was pretty outdoorsy. I didn’t even know people did this, let alone it now being a ‘thing,’ misnamed, ‘plein air’ painting. I was working full time for a video game company called Midway Games, as an animator, officially, though I did a fair bit of concept art and other stuff too. Mostly, gory fight-game character animation mixed with an underworld akin to Dante’s inferno, by Gustave Dore. A dream job. I was taking figure painting classes at night after work, and got invited to go, ‘plein air painting’ with one of the instructors, Ryan Wurmsor. I was addicted to the core, from the very first dose. I could go for an adventure, and get some art done. Mind = BLOWN. My dream job, now turned into a prison. And I had to report in for well beyond 40hrs/week, and many weekends. It was time for a life hack! It paled in comparison to what I now do for a living. Which is paint, travel, paint, camp, paint, road trip, paint, teach, paint, write, paint, hike, paint repeat. A dream LIFE.

Painting On-Location Basics

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