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17. Paint/Invent Nocturnes

On an evening with a waxing gibbous moon, about an hour after sunset, it’ll be dark enough, and you’ll have a semi-full, moon fairly high overhead. The temperature will, hopefully, still be warm from the daylight hours. I use a couple of LED book lights, one on the palette, and one on the painting. That’s it in the wild, good luck! Just get under a street light in an urban setting. Use the knowledge gained from this for the next.

17b. Invent a Nocturne in Daylight.
This works best in a wild landscape setting. This is an exercise I’ll try when the lighting is flat, or indirect. For urban settings this exercise is not recommended because there are too many city lights influencing things at night, making it difficult to visualize or invent. Simply put, it’s a darkening of the Value Key of the painting overall, while keeping the harmony in a blueish greenish color.