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09. Paint Objects of One Color

Representational painting requires a full understanding of color mixing. Simply through painting from life and often, you’ll get the hang of it, but doing this exercise will get you from zero to hero in the shortest amount of time. Plus these paintings tend to have amazing appeal, so this exercise can be lucrative as well. Sticking with your limited palette, paint 7 paintings each with objects of one color family only. You’ll do one of white objects, and 6 more, focusing on each of the primary and secondary color families. For example, the white one could be: A glass of milk, an egg, and a plastic fork on a white napkin, light it or paint it in ambient light from life. You will learn the nuance of the color white. For yellow could be as simple as a lemon, on a yellow napkin. Or a #2 Pencil, and a rubber ducky. The main thing is to try to pick objects that speak to you personally if possible, and delve into the possibilities of a color family.