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Our Mission

We are dedicated to making painting on-location as easy, safe, and fun as possible. Not only for plein air painting, but immersion in any situation like museums, cafes, taverns, sporting events, zoos, figure painting, and other activities where it might be fun to do a full-color sketch of your experience. In doing so, a painter creates deeper levels of understanding and appreciation of not only the medium and subject, but also for shared public land, our civilization, and our fellow man. Painting makes people better people. It starts with personal discipline and desire, and we help by providing tried and true easels that are EASY, DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, and VERSITILE. And they are made in Colorado, USA!


Our products are designed to be quickly and easily set-up and taken down. They are precisely engineered to be as modular as possible to accomodate various statures and painting postures, and eliminate frustration in the creative process.


With few moving parts, aluminum accents, and double overlap construction, our easels are built to last, and stand up to the unpredictable elements, while holding a painting rigidly in any environment.


Weight and size is always a factor, particularly when traveling! When comparing palette size and painting size capacity, to weight ratios, there's no comparison. No other easel comes close.


We offer 3 different easel sizes to accommodate all of your on-location painting needs. Our easels are all interchangeable with one another, and can securely and rigidly, hold larger sizes, and stretched canvases.


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